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Organization: Sulon Technologies Inc.
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Sulon Technologies Inc. (Sulon Tech) is an exciting game technology start-up located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, that is revolutionizing the world of gaming entertainment. Sulon Tech is developing an “Xtreme Reality”, head-mounted gaming console that will fully immerse players into their games. Xtreme Reality is how Sulon Tech defines the one-to-one integration of the real world and the virtual world with the ability to scale the full spectrum of immersion from Augmented Reality to complete Virtual Reality.

Sulon Tech’s patent-pending technology will take gaming beyond the boundaries of traditional video games by allowing players to step away from their TVs and PCs and into game worlds adapted to their surroundings. Sulon Tech will be the first to successfully allow gamers to live their video game.

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Organization: XMG Studio
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XMG Studio is an award-winning developer of hit video games for mobile devices. Founded in late 2009, XMG has been pushing the app envelope to create innovative titles that provide a cool experience for casual gamers. The company’s core focus is to develop properties that allow players to actively immerse themselves in their games. Whether it is the incredible customization feature in Drag Racer Pro Tuner, or the experimental touch mechanic in Cows vs. Aliens, XMG’s portfolio of mobile casual games all seek to drive the maximum in user engagement through innovation. Based in Toronto, Canada, XMG is presently one of the largest independent mobile game studios in the emerging app economy. For more information visit www.xmg.com, follow XMG on Twitter.com/xmgstudio or become a fan on facebook.com/xmgstudio.