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OARN will facilitate the long-term growth of Ontario’s Entertainment and Creative Cluster industries through a strategic collaboration of universities, private sector developers, cultural agencies, trade associations, local government and business generators dedicated to building and expanding the Augmented Reality Applications (ARA) sector.

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First Name Last Name Organization Type
Furi Enterprises Developers
Mentor Brock University Researchers
Chris Other
XMG Studio Developers, Featured Member
York University's Augmented Reality Lab Other, Researchers
CIMMI Developers, Researchers
Sulon Technologies Inc. Developers
Namir Ahmed Researchers
Jessica Aldred Other
Patrick Allen Enable Training and Consulting Developers
Michael Alstad Other
Alex Arevalo Javelin Tech Other
Karen Armstrong York University Researchers
Miss Asad Other
Silvio Astarita Other
Catalin Avram Other
Adriana Ayers University of Western Ontario Researchers
Victor Azevedo
Peter Azmi sim-one
Julia Babos Brock Other, Researchers
Sarah Baird Other
Mirjana Bajovic Brock University Researchers
Dhanushan Balachandreswaran Sulon Technologies Inc. Developers
George Batalinski Other
Megan Baxter University of Western Ontario Researchers
Jimmy Beans
David Benyon Napier University Researchers
Kelly Bergstrom Other
Alissa Bigelow Georgian College, School of Computer Studies.
Anna-Lea Boeki Other
Christian Borys Other
Matt Bouchard Other
V. Bracz Other
Jess Bradshaw Other
Jean Bridge Brock University Researchers
Daniel Broten
Jacques Bruyns
Michael Burden University of Alberta Researchers
Jennifer Burkitt CBC Other
Lauren Burr Carleton University Researchers
Joseph (Joe) Campbell Atlantic Packaging Developers
Chris Candy SevenMedia Inc Developers
John Carlan Javelin Technologies Other
Jonathan Carr-Harris Other
JP Casino Other
Marc Castel Ontario Centres of Excellence Researchers
Marc Castel Ontario Centres of Excellence
Oliver Charbonneau University of Western Ontario Researchers
Jesse Chen Sulon Technologies Inc. Developers
Jeff Chesebrough nGen Business Generators
Girish Choudankar Developers, Other
John Cirka Ryerson University Researchers
Kristin Clancy Other
Julia Clements Developers
Tim Compeau University of Western Ontario Researchers
Simon Cormier Other
Tey Cottingham National Film Board of Canada Other
Paul Crowe BNotions
Vincenzo Crupi Klokwerks Developers
Alex Czarowicz Organic Motion, Inc. Other
Martin Danahay Brock University Researchers
Lloyd Dansoh Other
Hasnain Dattu Developers
Juan de la Torre Other
Martin Deller M. Deller Group Inc.,
W Denton York University Researchers
Brock Dickinson Miller Dickinson Blais Other
Brett Didemus Niagara Research
Lynn Doherty Other
Mike Duncan Niagara College Researchers
J.P. Dyson The Strong Other
Christyn Edwards CBC Other
Judy Ehrentraut Other
Devon Elliott University of Western Ontario Researchers
Dwayne Ellis Ellis Digital Solutions Developers
Lyuba Encheva Researchers
Diego Escalante University of Western Ontario Researchers
Ericka Evans Phantom Compass Developers
Parker Felan Other
Reuben Fernandez Sulon Technologies Inc.
SJF Fisher Other
Karen Flindall OARN
Gardenia Flores Other
Ashley Forget Other
David Forster Developers
Charles Fraresso Christie Digital Other
Kim Alison Fraser
Mathijs Gajentaan Winvolve Developers
Hugh Gamble Other
Andrew George Other
Robert Kori Golding Other
Alex Golebiowski Developers
Roni Gordon Other
Joanne Graham Brock University Researchers
Shawn Graham Carleton University Researchers
Kev Greene Other
Brian Greenspan Carleton University Researchers
S. Gritter Other
Louis Martin Guay University of Montreal Researchers
Michelle Hamilton University of Western Ontario Researchers
Jeff Hardy 211 interactive Other
Madeleine Hart Other
Eric Harvey CIMMI Developers, Researchers
Robin Hassan Starcom Developers, Other
Robert Haworth University of Western Ontario Researchers
Mark Hellyer Other
Nicolas Hesler Sheridan College Researchers
Irving Ho XMG Studio Developers
Phil Horwitz Other
David Hsu Sulon Technologies Inc. Developers
Nancy Huang Sulon Technologies Inc Developers
David Hutchinson Brock University Researchers
David Johnson
Awane Jones Merchlar
N'ora Kalb nGen Business Generators
Eona Karakacili University of Western Ontario Researchers
Armen Karapatyen Interactive Ontario Business Generators
Michael Katchabaw University of Western Ontario Researchers
Paul Kavanagh Waxx Consulting Developers
Kevin Kee OARN Researchers
Andrew Keenan Other
Ian Kelso Interactive Ontario Business Generators
Francis Kim Other
Natalie King Carleton University Researchers
Kristine Klohk Other
Nick Kotsopoulos Other
Deborah Kozdras University of South Florida Researchers
Srinivas Krishna
Mark Kudlac Other
Neil LaChapelle Sceneverse Developers
Kyle Lacroix
James Lam Other
Blake Landry nGen Business Generators
Pascal Langlois Motives in Movement Developers
Kimber Larmond
Len LaRose PBI Inc.
Rachel Lemkow Other
Munly Leong Developers
Fariborz Lesani Other
Steve Lim Faculty of Business, Brock University Researchers
Martin Lord Ontario Centres of Excellence Business Generators
Trak Lord metaio Developers
Ben MacDonald Brock University Researchers
Rob MacDougall University of Western Ontario Researchers
Alan MacEachern University of Western Ontario Researchers
Robin Macrae
Jonathon Mantey Other
Slavi Mariuov Developers
Davis Marques Ryerson University Researchers
Geoffrey Mayo Other
Jacqueline McAndrew Other
Vicky McArthur York University Researchers
Patricia McCutcheon Interactive Ontario Business Generators
Mark McDayter University of Western Ontario Researchers
Barbara McDonald Brock University Researchers
Nicole McKechnie Other
Wil McReynolds Augmented Marketing
Glen Mead Developers
Naimul Mefraz Khan Other
Matt Michaud Brock University Researchers
Manas Modi Other
Dejan Momcilovic Weta Digital Developers
Jane Motz Other
David Murphy Other
Linda Murray City of St. Catharines Other
Sushima Naraine University of Western Ontario Researchers
Kristen Nater Fourgrounds Developers
Edward Naus Sheridan Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning Researchers
Nigel Newton Layar Partner Developers
Tony Niederer CDMN Business Generators
Kibaya Njenga Sulon Technologies Inc. Developers
Mark Northeast
David Oakes City of St. Catharines Other
Isabel Pedesen Ryerson University Researchers
Alex Peters Smart Teacher Developers
Adrian Petry University of Western Ontario Researchers
Leora Pinhas Sick Kids Other
Agata Piskunowicz Other
Laura Piticco University of Western Ontario Researchers
David Pong Other
Kevin Poulin vxFusion Other
Diana Poulsen Other
Jeff Preyra
Jordan Priede Christie Digital Developers
Brian Prokopowich
Brian Prokopowich Arvuu Inc.
P Moskal Przemylaw Canisus College Researchers
Beth-Anne Quinn Developers
Ian Rae University of Western Ontario Researchers
Rishi Rajan Other
Bojan Ratkovic Other
David Ravit University of Toronto Researchers
Ken Reddick Meld Media Developers, Other
John Reed Western University Researchers
Stephen Remus Niagara Artists Centre Developers, Other
Gabby Resch University of Toronto Researchers
Monica Rettig Brock University Researchers
Everton Richards
Heather Rivet University of Western Ontario Researchers
Spencer Roberts Brock University Researchers
April Robinson Augmented Marketing
Geoffrey Rockwell University of Alberta Researchers
Greg Rodrigo Georgian College Researchers
Bernie Roehl
Al Romano Upcoming Media Inc.
Ronni Rosenbery Sheridan College Researchers
Jennifer Rowsell Brock University Researchers
Camille Rutherford Brock University Researchers
Ben Sainsbury Other
Alan Sawyer Other
Nick Scalzi Other
Daniel Schackman New Paltz, State University of New York Researchers
Mike Schmalz Digital Extremes Developers
M Scott ZTR
Kamran Sedig University of Western Ontario Researchers
Luke Sequeira Other
Shervin Shahidi Developers
Laurinda Shaver Other
John Shiga McGill University Researchers
Eris Shimoni Other
L. Simcoe Ryerson University Researchers
Sarah Simpkin University of Western Ontario Researchers
Erik Simpson Grinnell College Researchers
Brian Simpson CityFX Developers
Marilyn Sinclair Tech Alliance Business Generators, Trade Associations
David Smith Researchers
Glenn Smith Communitech Researchers
Daniel Snider UOIT Researchers
Mike Sorrenti Game Pill Developers
Michael Sorrenti Game Pill Developers
Esther Spetgang TVO Other
Curtis Sturley Brock University Researchers
Stephen Svenson University of Waterloo Researchers
John Sverko Other
Curtis T. Developers
Alejandro Tanaka Other
Scott Teibert Other
Joleena Teo Sulon Technologies Inc. Developers
Tamer Thabet Brock University Researchers
Prateek Thapar Other
Adrian Thiessen Fourgrounds Developers
S. Thorne University of Waterloo Researchers
Denis Todd Other
Natalee Tokar Niagara College Researchers
Karen Trinh
Terry Trzecak Brock University Researchers
Lily Tse Other
William Turkel University of Western Ontario Researchers
Camille Turner Other
Lindsay Van Dyk University of Western Ontario Researchers
Brendan van Zanten Other
Paul Varadi Sulon Technologies Inc. Developers
Daniel Verhaeghe Developers
Carmen Villadar Other
Yan Vishnepolsky CEO - NiiD Technologies Developers
Elise Vist Other
Fangmin Wang Ryerson University Researchers
Oliver (Lake) Watkins Developers
Kathleen Webb Data Business Generators, Trade Associations
Jennifer Whitson Carleton University Researchers
Tobias Wiegand morro images Inc. Developers
David Willson Other
Kim Wilson CBC Other
Andrea Winter Other
Michael Winter Brock University Researchers
Sze Wong Researchers
Arthur Wrigglesworth Ryerson University Researchers
Rui Zhang Other
Jackie Zhang Sulon Technologies Inc. Developers
Jet Zhang Developers
Rong Zheng McMaster University Researchers
Anna Zuschlag University of Western Ontario Researchers