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Future AR: Smartphones or Glasses?

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A few days ago I read “Forget the Smartphone Wars, Here Come the Augmented-Reality Glasses Wars” by Will Oremus.

The article begins by saying that AR is the new battleground for the world’s leading mobile hardware and software makers.  It notes that Microsoft now has a patent for AR glasses.  We don’t know much because Microsoft isn’t talking.  What we can say is that Microsoft, like Google and Apple, is thinking about AR eyewear.

Is the near future of AR technology going to be the phone or headwear?  Would you wear AR glasses?  How much would you pay for them? Tell us what you think in the Comments section.

- Kevin



One Response to Future AR: Smartphones or Glasses?

  1. The answer to your questions is both.

    Technology will shrink in physical size, and the glasses will be in place of the phone.
    Effectively doing what we do now, but in the AR spectrum.

    Take a look at this comical, but accurate graphical representation of all the items we carry in our pocket.
    This is only after a 20 year span.
    Give technology a few more years and your smartphone hardware will be on your noggin.

    At OARN2012 Conference in Toronto, Speaker Helen Papagiannis showed a “Minority Report” style gloves video, manipulating objects in the digital world. Ironically from Microsoft.
    That’s happening TODAY. Replacing your keyboard/stylus as it were.

    The sweet spot for pricing most consumer electronics is around $200 range. But contracts/credit allow flexibility for this.
    Smartphone penetration is 51%. Swap that for AR glasses and you’ve got yourself a killer piece of tech.

    AR convergence is within reach amigos — closer than you think ;)

    – Yellow

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